Step 1: The Cleaner


It’s important to clean the surfaces of an area but we feel it is equally important to treat and clean the air as well. We use a patented Chlorine Dioxide Vapor delivery system that is able to reach all corners of an inside space to treat the air and remove bacteria, odors, and other harmful things in the air. This is another step to ensure we start with the cleanest space possible..

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Step 2: Deoderizor


Marijuana growers have traditionally used a number of different strategies to control spread of disease, bacteria and the formation of mold and mildew on surfaces in confined growing spaces. However, most of these solutions were designed to use after the problem has reared its ugly head. Cannabis Clean’s Shield of Protection was developed to use before you have a problem in your grow room. Its revolutionary nano-surface technology creates a molecular “sword” that destroys microbes, created a permanent barrier to the contaminants that can destroy your cannabis crop.

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Traditionally, marijuana growers and other enclosed grow-room operators used run-of-the-mill bleach to clean surfaces. Our Cleaner leaves bleach in the dust when it comes to effectiveness, safety, environmental impact, speed and ease. The Cleaner’s active ingredient, chlorine dioxide, produces incredible results that other cleaning methods cannot.

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