About Us

Cannabis Clean’s president, Steven McMorrow, suffers from epilepsy and was first made aware of the need for safe cannabis products through his own experiences. He and his family formed Cannabis Clean with very specific and simple goals in mind: to enhance the production of safe cannabis for growers and patients. We aim to set the standard for cleanliness in the horticulture industry that result in:

Cleaner medicine for patients

Healthier yields for growers Less crop loss due to mold, mildew and other harmful microbes

As a medical marijuana grower, you know the importance of keeping your grow room and surfaces free from potentially disastrous contaminates such as mold, mildew, fungi and bacteria. These contaminants can impact yields, reduce product quality and even kill entire crops. Cannabis Clean works with growers and dispensary owners to develop customized cleaning programs to get rid of harmful contaminates and keep them away.

The scientific community has made incredible advances in targeting, destroying and preventing the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. Cannabis Clean has worked closely with experts in different fields to harness these breakthroughs and create products and protocols specifically for medical marijuana grow operations. Our complete cannabis grow room cleaning systems help growers keep a clean environment which equals safer, higher-quality medicine for patients and less crop loss due to contamination.

Meet the Team

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Steven McMorrow

CEO and Founder

As an epileptic himself, Steven has been passionate about helping cannabis be recognized as a medication ever since learning about cannabinoids potential use in medicine. Living in North Carolina cannabis is still illegal, so Steven figured the only way to help growers and the industry is to provide solutions to problems they have with mold, mildew and other harmful bacteria. Out of this passion to help the industry from North Carolina grew Cannabis Clean. Steven brings 13 years in the hospitality industry with a background in sales and marketing to the team. He also started and operated an odor removal business that morphed into Cannabis Clean. Steven has combined the ability to understand a client’s challenges, with the know-how to develop and implement successful solutions.

Amber McMorrow

Accounting & Social Media Manager

Amber grew up in Los Angeles and spent most of her life on the west coast. Amber has been aware of the benefits of cannabis since 1996 when California legalized it for medicinal use. With a background in medical sales and billing, Amber brings 12+ years of experience dealing with patients, doctors and logistics to the team. Amber also speaks fluent spanish and was a patient herself in California for rheumatoid arthritis so she knows firsthand the benefits of cannabis for chronic pain.