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    Cannabis Clean

    Customized Cleaning for the Cannabis Industry.

    We use products that kill Molds, Salmonella, and E. Coli to prevent Microbial Contamination of your Crops!!

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    Janitorial Services for Grow Operations, MIP’s Facilities, Dispensaries & More!

    Our specific protocols clean surfaces, leave no residue and protect your crops from cross contamination!

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    Anti-Microbial Applications to prevent future contamination!

    Customized ongoing cleaning maintenance for your grow room!

Solutions result in Clean, Safe Products

Products and Services that clean, deodorize and prevent the growth of Microbes, Mold and Mildew for Commercial Cannabis Growers, Processors and Retailers.

Contact us for a site evaluation and Microbial test to develop a customized clean plan for your grow space!

The Cannabis-Clean Service is sold to Commercial Cannabis Growers as a Turn-Key Service with Anti-Microbial Protection and ongoing Maintenance Packages.

Cannabis Clean Services

1: Janitorial

Cannabis Clean’s Janitorial service provides customized cleaning services for the cannabis industry. From grow rooms and dispensaries, to office and restroom cleaning; we provide a customized cleaning program for your facility.

2: Full Facility Disinfection

After a new facility is built and plants are ready to go in we can disinfect and sanitize your spaces to help ensure your plants are grown in a safe, clean environment. This service can also be performed after harvests to minimize cross-contamination.

3: Antimicrobial Application

Acting like a scotch-guard for bacteria, our Anti-microbial Shield of Protection can inhibit harmful bacteria, mold and mildew growth on surfaces.

Traditionally, marijuana growers and other enclosed grow-room operators use bleach or other chemicals to clean surfaces that could harm people and plants. Our Janitorial Services utilize Chlorine Dioxide(CLO2), which produces incredible results that other cleaning methods cannot replicate when it comes to safety and efficacy. We also use a mix of Green and Standard cleaning products tailored to what you want around your plants. All of our chemicals are EPA approved and applied using electrostatic technology to assure the highest quality of work.

Why Choose Cannabis Clean?

Inhibit Growth of Mold, Mildew and Other Harmful Bacteria

Prevent Cross Contamination

Help ensure safe, clean product

Full service cleaning

Provide all cleaning materials for continual maintenance.

Set Industry Standards in Sanitation ,Prepare for future MED Regulations.

About Us

Cannabis Clean’s president, Steven McMorrow, suffers from epilepsy and was first made aware of the need for safe cannabis products through his own experiences. He and his family formed Cannabis Clean with very specific and simple goals in mind: to help provide safe, clean spaces to grow cannabis.